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Janmashtami was celebrated with great enthusiasm among the children at DPSG Starz,C2 Palam Vihar Gurgaon on 24th Aug,2016.The celebration started at 9:30am.The entire school and auditorium was decorated by all the teachers to get ambience of Vrindawan . The programme started at the school auditorium where the all the parents of the participants were called and addressed by the Branch Head “Ms.Shilpi Sharma “ .The comparing was done by Ms.Seema Dabas as well as many other duties were assigned to the teachers. All the children were dressed up as Krishna,Radha and Gopiyan . Songs related Janmashtami were played. Involvement of the children in the celebrations at such a tender age was worth applauding. One dance was presented by Pre nursery kids as well as Nursery kids presented a skit on Krishna Leela and a Dance too. Mithi Lassi and Mathri were served to the parents. Krishna Mukut was given to the kids as a take away.

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated today with great pomp and show in the school .The school was decorated for the occasion. Ms. Shilpi Sharma,BRANCH HEAD followed by the teachers welcomed the GRAND PARENTS who grace their presence on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and participated in the Maha Aarti along with our little ones.The PRASHAD(Boondi) was distributed among all. Children were dressed up in ethnic wear for the same. Children made clay Ganesha and happily carried them home.

Eid was celebrated with great enthusiasm among the children at DPSG Starz,C2 Palam Vihar Gurgaon on 9th september,2016.The celebration started at 9:40am.The auditorium was decorated by all the teachers to get ambience of Eid as well as on Health and Hygiene . The programme started at the school auditorium where the all the parents of the participants were called and addressed by the Branch Head “Ms.Shilpi Sharma “ .The comparing was done by Ms.Richa Banerjee as well as many other duties were assigned to the teachers. Children were dressed up in different attires like Apple,Banana,Healthy Food,Green Vegetable,Milk etc to promote awareness for maintaining good health and hygiene. Children were dressed up for Kawali too. To get the feel of Eid songs were played. Involvement of the children in the celebrations at such a tender age was worth applauding. And at the end parents also tapped their on the Eid numbers and had a fantabulous time. Cookies,Samose and Sawaiya was served to the parents.

Community Connect Program
A Health Checkup for Senior Citizens was organised today. Senior citizens of C2 and nearby areas came for the checkup. While the doctor was checking/ investigating the senior citizens rest of them were waiting in the waiting lounge and were made aware on the causes, preventions and home made remedies of Dengue and Chicken Gunia. Ppt on Healthy Lifestyle was also running in the waiting lounge.

First Day of Session 2018-19
Today was the first day of Session 2017-18 at Starz C2 Palam Vihar.

Montessori Sand Activity
Today we introduced montessori sand tray concept for the first time to enhance their pre writing skills. Children enjoyed sprinkling sand on letter A nd traced it over and over again.

Earth Day Activity
This Craft activity is an easy way to introduce the concept of Earth Day to our tiny tots wherein they enjoyed each bit of it.

Activity on ME
I am special so are you. We are very special Yes its true. I am special I am ME. To describe ME today we had a class activity wherein kids enjoyed making stick puppets for Boys and Girls. It was great experience having fun with them during the activity.

Mother's Day Activities
Mother's Day is celebrated to honour all mothers and express gratitude for the hardship they bear in bringing up a child. To appriciate the bond between mother and child beautiful photo frame and pop up heart were made by the children.

Welcome Activity
After a long relaxing break tiny tots at DPSG C-2 joined back refreshed and rejuvenated. A welcome activity was organized for their welcome back to school which was enjoyed by the little once. Children painted egg carton to make colourful butterflies to carry home.

Summer Camp
To beat the Scorching heat children of DPSG STARZ C-2 block are busy in their Summer Camp with fun filled activities like 'Obstacle Course Activity', 'Multani Mitti Painting, 'Photo Frame - Marble Printing, ' Pool Party'.

Painting Activity
Painting activity offers children an educational opportunity that is also fun & exciting. Painting aids children to acquire eye hand coordination an important skill in their age group. Today our children used Painting brush for the first time and they had lot of fun.

Kids at DPSG STARZ C-2 enjoyed a lot CLAY PLAY. They made their favourite design with the help of clay moulding and showed the same to their friends and teachers. Playing with moulding clay can help children develop important skills and competencies. Clay also helps toddlers and preschoolers develop the small muscles in their fingers and hands, known as fine motor skills.

Finger Printing Activity
Today we did finger printing in filled activity, kids loved dipping their fingers in the green paint and printing it on the given outline of grapes.

Inter Pre School Art Competition

Young Picassos and da Vinci’s
Art is the manifestation of creativity at its best. When the young hearts splash their imagination in rainbow colours admiration and appreciation flow boundlessly.
The Pre Primary Branch of DPSG Palam Vihar School organized an Inter Pre School Art Competition at their C-2 Palam Vihar branch on 21st July 2018.
Total 5 events were a part of this competition namely- I Can Do Wonders, Little Hands at Work, I Can I Do, Let’s Create and Eco Dream world. Tiny Tots from 12 different schools participated under different categories and showcased their best talent, be it Colouring, Tearing Pasting, Finger Printing, Pot decoration or their Art and Craft skills. The participants were very enthusiastic and eagerly put up their best foot forward duly nurtured by their teachers. The host school bagged prizes in almost all the events followed by Park View School, Future Child, Children’s paradise, Mother’s pride, Presidium and Tiny Tots. DPSG STARZ being the winner in all the events won the overall trophy too. But being a host school handed it over to the second position holder Park View Public School. Principal DPSG PALAM VIHAR Ms. Deepika Sharma hosted the closing ceremony of the event and also gave away the prizes to the winners. The In charge Coordinator of DPSG STARZ C-2 Ms. Shilpi Sharma thanked all the participating school teams and also appreciated the creativity of the young talents.
Here are the results of Inter Preschool Art Competition.

EVENT -1 I Can Do Wonders
1st Prize Asvi Singh DPSG STARZ Palam Vihar
2nd Prize Khanak Tiny Tots
3rd Prize Vishu Children’s Paradise

EVENT -2 Little Hands at Work
1st Prize Vanshika Aggrawal DPSG STARZ Palam Vihar
2nd Prize Chaitanya DPSG STARZ Palam Vihar
3rd Prize Pranya Park View Public School

EVENT -3 I Can I Do
1st Prize Jenika DPSG STARZ Palam Vihar
2nd Prize Atharv Dhiman DPSG STARZ Palam Vihar
3rd Prize Satvika Children’s Paradise

EVENT -4 Let’s Create
1st Prize  Navnitha & Vihaan DPSG STARZ Palam Vihar
2nd Prize Ananya & Tavish Mother’s Pride
3rd Prize Kanishka & Jasraj  Park View Public School

EVENT -5 Eco Dream World
1st Prize Chirag & Akshat DPSG STARZ Palam Vihar
2nd Prize Aman & Prashast Presidium
3rd Prize Anant & Komal Future Child

Kargil Victory Day Celebrated
Today DPSG STARZ celebrated Kargil Victory Day at C2 where in the young soldiers of DPSG STARZ were sensatised on the importance of soldiers and their sacrifices for our country and us. They were also briefed that being a good citizen we must respect our nation, our soldiers, our family and each other. This is our foremost duty towards our country. Jai Hind

Friendship Day
Friendship Day is a day meant for celebrating friendship. At DPSG STARZ C-2 our tiny tots celebrated Friendship Day. They made beautiful frienship bands for their friends and exchanged the same.

Toy Talk
Toys are kiddos best friends, they learn toy talk , share and care with their favourite toys. Today at starz DPSG Our little ones spoke few lines on their favourite toys .

Teej celebration
Children of DPSG STARZ celebrated Teej festival today. Teej is celebrated to welcome the monsoon season and is primarily celebrated by singing, dancing , sweets and applying mehandi. Our tiny tots came dressed up in green ethnic wear they sang songs and enjoyed applying mehandi on their hands.

Activity- Rakhi Making
Rakshabandhan is one of the most endearing ways to celebrate bond between brothers and sisters. To strengthen this bond ‘Rakhi Making Activity’ was done in class at DPSG STARZ C-2 PV.

Onam Celebrations
Onam is a harvest festival, annual major event for malyalies people in and out of kerala. Onam celebrations include boat races, tiger dances and flower arrangements. Today at DPSG STARZ our tiny tots came appropriately dressed to celebrate onam and together did the flower arrangement . Children were made aware of the importance of boat race.

Activity- Making of Giraffe
Making animal craft is a good idea to teach a child about animals. Kids at DPSG STARZ C-2 enjoyed a lot making of Giraffe.

Janmashtami Celebrations
In order to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna, DPSG STARZ C-2 organized an event where in children came dressed as ‘Krishnas’ and ‘Radhas’. The life journey of Lord Krishna was depicted by kids in the form of tableau. Also kids danced on the tune/ songs of Lord Krishna.

Cook without Fire - Janmashtami Special Event
On the onset of lord Krishna 's birth DPSG STARZ organised a fun filled activity Cook without Fire for moms with her true friend ....... Wherein they had to include atlest one ingridient which was krishna's favourite like butter, butter milk, milk mishari, curd. Participants were really innovative in their approach, preparations and presentation. It was an enjoyable activity. All the participants were given a token of appreciation for the efforts put in by them.

TEACHERS DAY.....A day to mark your gratitude and salute your Gurus. DPSG STARZ C2 celebrated Teachers Day today. Tiny tots came dressed appropriately as their teachers and taught the students in the class. They also hugged and wished and danced with their teachers. Teachers distributed sweets to all the kids as a token of thanks. A day well spent with the students as our Gurus. 😊

World First Aid Day
First aid saves lives . It is for everyone and everywhere . The day acts as a chance to celebrate and raise awareness about how important it is to understand about basic first aid . Today it was celebrated in Dpsg starz C2 and tiny tots were made aware of it and also made theur first aid kit ..... On World First Aid Day

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration
Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha . Today at DPSG STARZ C2, children offered prayers, flowers and Prasad to lord Ganesha . Children made the deity with cup craft as a take away.

World Animal Day Celebration
World Animal Day was celebrated on October 4th where Nursery and Pre Nursery children at DPSG Starz C2 transformed themselves and their classes into little Animal Kingdom . It’s a special opportunity to commemorate our love 💗 and respect for animals. Celebrating animal life in all its forms and being thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives . It is a great way to help children know more about different animals.

Candle Making Event
DPSG Palam Vihar organized a Candle Making Workshop during the festive season on 28th October'18 at DPSG STARZ C-2 Palam Vihar branch. A well known and experienced Candle Making artist Ms. Sunita Bansal graced the workshop as a resource person. The participants were all full of Joy & Enthusiasm while having a hands on experience of making different types of designer gel candles. Here is the glimps of the workshop.

Let's Celebrate Green Diwali - A Rally by Tiny Tots of DPSG STARZ C2 Palam Vihar
DPSG STARZ C2 Palam Vihar organised a rally on 31st Oct'18 to sensitize the residents of C2 Society to celebrate ECO Friendly Smoke Free Diwali. The tiny tots & the staff rallied around the nearby C2 Society wherein they spread the message of Green Diwali. They also sensitized nearby people with messages written on the placards like - Say No to Crackers, Let's Celebrate Green Diwali, Lit Candles Not Crackers, Spread Happiness This Diwali. The kids gifted handmade colorful Torans, Diyas, Lanterns, Cards to the nearby residents

Children's Day Celebration
“There is no garden as beautiful as childhood “ Happy Children’s Day Today children’s day was celebrated at DPSG starz C2 with great enthusiasm. On this day all the students visited Diksha NGO to spread happiness by giving Gift Hampers to the needy ones . Kids really spent quality time with them . All the kids were also given gift 🎁 hampers as a take away . They thoroughly enjoyed the fun filled activities also.

Spread Happiness
A day well spent at an NGO - Deeksha by our tiny tots of Nursery & Pre Nursery. Here is a glimpse of the same. # Happiness # Gifts # Games # Bonding # Smiles # Joy of Sharing # Equality #DPSG # STARZ # Palam Vihar # Community # Connect # Joy # Gurgaon #

Craft Activity
The concept of Helper was introduced in the class as a Fire Fighter activity which the children really enjoyed. This activity really enhanced their creative thinking and fine motor skills.

Christmas Day Celebration at C-2 PV
Today we have celebrated Christmas party in DPSG Star C2 Palam Vihar . Kids enjoyed a lot and they shared their lunch as their potluck activity. They enjoyed with Santa.The takeaways were given to every child such as eyemarks, chirstmas tree and santa distributed the guddy bags.

Republic Day Celebration
Republic Day was celebrated at DPSG STARZ C2 in which the kids came dressed up in the tricolour attire with the experience to see these spirited children actively participate in the celebration. They enjoyed making tri colour sandwich and tri colour fruit platter followed by dance on Nanna munna rahi hun....They took tricolour bird as their take away.

Basant panchami Celebration
Basant Panchami was celebrated at F-block, Palam Vihar on 9th feb 2019 . Almost 50 parents made their presence felt for the day.The day started with hawan.After offering prayers to Maa Saraswati we started kite making activity followed by puncture the balloon and last but not the least Kite flying.The parents put in their best efforts and participated whole heartedly. Children presented a choir ‘Maa saraswati do vardaan’.Refreshments were served to the parents and prize winners were announced for all the activities at the end of the event.The parents had a gala time with their kids. Overall the event went really well.Everyone enjoyed a lot. Thanks to all the parents for making this event a hit.

Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championships.
Sports at Pre- Primary level is not about competition, it’s about having fun and learning the basics of sports. DPSG PV Pre Primary Wing had organised an Inter Pre School Sports event on 19th Feb 2019 for the tiny tots of Pre Nur to Grade 1 wherein other schools also participated. DPSG family joined together to commence this day with epitome of energy, colour and style. It was a delight to see the excitement with which children challenged themselves to attempt variety of races such as Flat races, Bunny Race, Garland Race, Get Ready to Picnic, Solve the Puzzle, Lemon & Spoon, Obstacle Race etc. Even the Parents wholeheartedly participated in the races like Dress up Your Mom, Needle & Thread race etc. The young achievers were awarded with the medals. To sum up, the collective energy of the children and the facilitators added up to an energetic and fun filled day celebration.

First Day at School
At DPSG STARZ C-2 we welcomed our kids with lots of love, hug, fun and enthusiasm. Our bundle of joy had started the day with welcome activity of hand printing then they spent their time with puzzles, blocks, clay and many more fun filled activities. Afterwards they had meal break followed by Colouring activity and AV time. Last but not the least they enjoyed free play in Play Zone and then they happily dispersed with parents.

C-2 kids
Reya Verma from Pre Nursery Tulip really had a nice time while counting the beads. Bryant Das from Nursery A thoroughly enjoyed playing with blocks on his first day at school. Shivanya Behera, our little baby from Nursery A, busy playing with healthy vegetables. Our little boy Charvik Aggarwal from Nursery A, is busy solving puzzles, a way to enhance the motor skills. Daksh Gauba from Nursery A has put on his thinking cap ‘What to make with clay dough’.

We at DPSG STARZ C2 on Day 2
Our young learners learnt their first step towards academic development and innovation through activity based learning , the concept of standing line was introduced with the help of activities which were walking on tactile disc's in a line and clay dough.

Earth Day
To sensitize the kids to take care of plants we organized a special talk on how kids must take care of plants by Watering and Nurturing them time to time. Today , the tiny tots of DPSG Starz C2 made Earth Day special badges with balloon impression as a take away .

My first tearing pasting activity
#My first tearing pasting activity # Dpsg Starz School C2 Palam Vihar school For Pre- nursery students After introducing red colour and circle shape children were given red paper to tear and paste the same in the circle shape. It was a fun filled activity for kids which they enjoyed.

Hands on Activity
The concept of myself was introduced the Nursery kids today. They did this hands-on activity with the cutouts of a boy and a girl.

Red Colour Day
Colours are indeed the smile of nature. With this objective today the students of pre nursery and nursery celebrated Red colour day at DPSG Starz .The kids came dressed up in red coloured attire and brought red colored food .The kids thoroughly enjoyed the learning activity “Paint the Canvas Red “.

Welcome back to school
After a long summer break the tiny tots joined the school back with energy and excitement. As a welcome activity the kids first watered their plants which was followed by the warm up obstacles course and sponge dabbing activity .

As a fun way learning activity the tiny tots of Nursery thoroughly enjoyed the crayon shaving activity for number 4

We use Emojis everyday!!!!
We use Emojis everyday!!!! So why not celebrate them ???? Today the tiny tots in Dpsg starz C2 celebrated world emoji day ...... by making smileys

Learning with fun
Introduction of letter A with clay pasting activity

English Recitation Competition
English Recitation Competition was held on 23rd July 2019 in DPSG STARZ C-2. Our tiny tots performed with great endeavour and their performances were highly appreciable. Each child was given a chance to recite poem. The kids came up with different props. The winners are as follows - • Pre Nursery 1. Shivanika Sangam 2. Rahitya 3. Abhiyan Abhineet • Nursery 1. Charvik Aggarwal 2. Arihaan Mocktan 3. Bryant Das and Khushi Sharma

Kargil Victory Day
To commemorate Kargil Victory Day , the tiny tots of Dpsg starz C2 celebrated it in the honour of Kargil War heroes for their vigor and bravery . The kids came dressed up as soldiers and spoke few lines and poems as a mark of respect for the real heroes .

Janmasthmi celebration 2019
Janmasthmi celebration 2019

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2019

Ganapathi Bappa Moreya !!!

The students of Dpsg starz celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi with great pomp and gaiety . A special assembly was conducted in which Aarti was done and Modak laddu was distributed as Prasad.

The kids made clay Ganesha which they took home as a take away.

Grandparents Day celebration

Grandparents are a family’s greatest treasure, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest storytellers, the keepers of traditions. To honour them DPSG PV celebrated grand parents day on 7th Sep 2019. Children of classes Nur, KG and 1 sang songs and spoke beautiful lines for their lovely grandparents. ‘Bhujo to jane’ and dress designing games were conducted where grandparents participated with great zeal. Appropriate music and enthusiasm of grandparents made this event runaway hit with all those present.

Children made their hand print keychains for their grandparents and gifted them as a token of love.

Onam Celebration 2019
Onam - the festival of happiness , peace and prosperity, was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm at DPSG STARZ C2 on 11th September.The children observed the day in their own distinctive style . They came dressed up in ethnic Indian attire and decorated the rangoli with flowers.

Inter school Literary Event 2019
Inter school Literary Event 2019

Gandhi Jayanti 2019
“Bapu taught that the greatness of a person is not measured by his attire but by his work “ Today the tiny tots of DPSG starz made spinning wheel to pay respect to the father of the nation.

Dussehra celebration 2019
Dusshera, the festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Keeping this spirit alive DPSGPV celebrated Dussehra on 4th Oct. Students of Class Kg presented a spectacular dance performance followed by enthralling performance of Pre- Nursery and Nursery students. Class 1 students presented a dance drama on Ramayan followed by amazing dance performance given by another group of Class 1 students. And in the end the effigy of Ravana was burnt amidst much excitement and loud cheers.

Blood Donation camp 2019

‘Blood Owners should be blood Donors’

DPSG Palam Vihar, Gurgaon organized a Blood Donation Camp in association with Rotary Blood Bank, Faridabad in the school premises on 5th Oct 2019.

Ms. Dipika Rao, the Principal of DPSG Palam Vihar, addressed the students and teachers encouraging them to inspire their friends and relatives to join the drive. An invitation was sent to the parents enumerating the benefits of donating blood and requesting them to be a part of this noble gesture. The students requested their parents with the teachers joining in motivating the parents to donate blood. The students went on a door to door campaign to be a part of this process. They also composed slogans, designed creative posters and organized an awareness Rally to motivate people to join the blood donation camp. The parents and staff members displayed true humanitarian spirit. A free medical screening was also organized for all the registered donors. A total tally of the participants was above 60 and the donors found fit, were happy to contribute in saving someone’s life and 32 units of blood was collected. Certificates, gifts and refreshments were also distributed to the donors. The Rotary Blood Bank applauded this small endeavor by the school.


Ms. Shilpi Sharma

Blood Donation Camp Organizer (DPSGPV)

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